• What is "Outdoor Sport Connection"

    Our goal is to connect every outdoor sport enthusiast in the entire world, to provide a platform for people that are new to the world of outdoor sports, a safe place for learning and to provide everything they may need to safely partake in their sports. "Knowledge, Gear and friends".

    Outdoor Sport Connection is the Newest Online Tool for the outdoor enthusiast.  It provides several ways to connect with others in the outdoor sporting world. Providing users ways to learn and share their knowledge of the sports they are actively involved in. OSC gives users ways to get involved, such as buying and selling your gear in the gear swap section. Finding an event in their area, in the events section. A lost and found for gear you may have lost or found. OSC features trip logs (a way to log and store your trips) Blog's, outdoor news, and much more... Outdoor Sport Connection, is growing by leaps and bounds. Features are being enhanced and added in this rapidly growing user friendly mobile technology environment.

    Note: The people at Outdoor Sport Connection do not recommend going into the back country untrained or alone. Please seek out one of the many outdoor specialist on this site to help you in your adventure.

  • What is OSC?

    OSC is an abbreviation for Outdoor Sport Connection. You will find this referenced in our logo and in various places through out the site.

  • What is the ® Beside Outdoor Sport Connection?

    Outdoor Sport Connection and it's contents, Is a Registered
    trademark of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Is this all there is?

    No! This site is still growing. New features and developments happen everyday to improve and grow the site. OSC is a dynamic online tool for users to progress, share, participate and learn with the growing Outdoor Sporting World. 


  • How to set up your account?

    Step 1) sign up.

    Step 2) Complete your profile set up. If important fields are missed you will receive an error message. The user can add up to five profile pictures and change them as many times as they would like.

    Step 3) Choose your favorite sport.

    Step 4) Choose other sports that you are or have been involved in and don't forget to tell us what your skill levels are in each of the sports you select

    Step 5) Choose sports you would like to try or become involved in.
    Step 6)  Post pictures on your profile and in the moments section.

    Step 7) Tell us something about yourself and maybe even what your favorite quote is.
    Most importantly, have fun, be safe and Get Outside!

  • What is the Trip Log feature?

    The trip log feature allows the user to log a trip, sporting adventure or event.

    To build a trip log user must give the trip a title.  User will receive prompts to tell about the trip, they can post up to five photo's of their trip and one video per trip log.

    Once complete and loaded, a push pin will appear on the map of the user's profile page which can then be selected by other user's that are looking at your profile page. They will then be able to read about each users posted trip.

    Trip log's can be very in-depth, with time, date, temperature and more depending on the time a user spends on logging their trip. Users can blog about their adventure's, and add as many fields as they want to for each segment of each adventure.

    Some really cool Improvement's are in the works for this feature in the near future, so keep checking back.

  • What are the Sports Pages?

    The sport pages are public pages listed under the "sport connection" section of this site. It is designed for posting your thought's and idea's, meeting other interesting people and learning about the world of outdoor sports and nature.  

    User's can submit photo's and update descriptions for each sport for consideration to be shown to the world. All submissions will be considered but not all can be accepted. However, due to the possible amount of submissions, photos could at one point or another, be rotated through. So keep checking back to see if your photo has made it's way on the page.

    Please keep in mind that these are public pages and user's should stay focused on  the sport topic only.