Our goal is to connect every outdoor sport enthusiast in the entire world, to provide a platform for people that are new to the world of outdoor sports, a safe place for learning and to provide everything they may need to safely partake in their sports. "Knowledge, Gear and friends".

Outdoor Sport Connection is the Newest Online Tool for the outdoor enthusiast. It provides several ways to connect with others in the outdoor sporting world. Providing users ways to learn and share their knowledge of the sports they are actively involved in. OSC gives users ways to get involved, such as buying and selling your gear in the gear swap section. Finding an event in their area, in the events section. A lost and found for gear you may have lost or found. OSC features trip logs (a way to log and store your trips) Blog's, outdoor news, and much more... Outdoor Sport Connection, is growing by leaps and bounds. Features are being enhanced and added in this rapidly growing user friendly mobile technology environment.

Note: The people at Outdoor Sport Connection do not recommend going into the back country untrained or alone. Please seek out one of the many outdoor specialists on this site to help you in your adventure.

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Alpine Climbing, Alpine Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Bike Boarding, Crashed Ice, Cross Country Skiing, Dog Sledding, Downhill Skiing, Extreme Skiing, Heliskiing, Ice Climbing, Ice Yachting, Monoskiing, Mountaineering, Orienteering, Postholing, Skeleton Luge, Ski Boarding, Ski Joring, Ski Jumping, Sledding, Snow Shoeing, Snowboarding, Snowcross, Snowkiting, Snowmobiling, Speed Skiing, Telemark Skiing, Tobogganing, Winter Alpinism, Winter Swimming.


Angling, Barefoot Skiing, Barefoot Water Sk..., Big Wave Bodyboar..., Big Wave Surfing, Bodyboarding, Canoeing, Canyoneering, Coasteering, Fishing, Flowboarding, Fly Fishing, Foil Boarding, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Kitesurfing/boarding, Kitewinging, Kneeboarding, Modern Pentathlon, Open Water Swimming, Parasailing, Powerboat Racing, Rafting, River Surfing, Riverboarding, Sailing, Scuba Diving/Snor..., Shark Diving, Skimboarding, Spearfishing, Surfing, Surfskiing, Swimming, Underwater Hockey, Urban Kayaking, Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, White Water Canoeing, White Water Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Wild Water Swimming, Windsurfing, Yacht Racing.


Arborist Climbing, Big Wall Climbing, Bouldering, Buildering, Canopying, Caving-Spelunking, Climbing, Crate Stacking, Free Climbing, Free Soloing (Cli..., High-Altitude Mou..., Indoor Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Running, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Skyrunning, Speed Climbing, Sport Climbing, Street Climbing, Tree Climbing

AIR/WIND SPORTS B.A.S.E. Jumping, Ballooning, Bungee Jumping, Cave Diving, Cliff Jumping/Diving, Flying, Free Diving, Gliding, Hang Gliding, High Lining, High Wire, Hot Air Ballooning, Indoor Skydiving, Kite Buggying, Kite Jumping, Kite, Landboarding, Land Surfing, Land Yachting, Parachuting, Paragliding, Paramotoring, Proximity Flying, Sand Kiting, Sky Diving, Sky Flying, Skysurfing, Slacklining, Soaring, Stunt Flying, Ultra Light Flying, Wingsuit Sky Diving, Zip-lining

EQUESTRIAN AND RODEO SPORTS Bareback Bronc Ri..., Barrel Racing, Bull Riding, Clowns, Goat Tying, Horseback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Tie Down/Calf Roping, Trail Riding

BIKING/WHEEL SPORTS All-Terrain Boarding, ATVing, Auto/Baja Racing, Bicycling, Bike Trials, BMX, Cycle Cross, Dirt Biking, Dirtsurfing, Drifting, Endurance Cycling, Extreme Biking, Four-Wheel Driving, Freeboarding, Freestyle Motocross, Inline Skating, Land Luge, Limbo Skating, Longboarding, Motocross, Motosports, Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding, Overlanding, Race Car Driving, Rallying, Roller Blading, Scootering, Skateboarding, Slope Style, Mount..., Snakeboarding, Street Luging, Supercross, Train Surfing, Trials Biking, Unicycling

RUNNING/HIKING SPORTS Backpacking, Barefoot Running, Bird Watching, Camping, Extreme Hiking, Fell Running, Free Running (Le ..., Freestyle Poweris..., Hiking, Hill Walking, Mud Running, Mudding, Running, Trail Running, Trekking, Triathlon, Ultradistance Run...

MISC. SPORTS Adventure Racing, Airsoft, Archery, Bow Hunting, Extreme Golf, Extreme Ironing, Extreme Yoga, Geocaching, Hunting, Ironman, Metal Detecting, Outdoors Photography, Paintball, Parkour, Pole Climbing, Potholing, Powerbocking, Rock Hounding & G..., Sand Boarding, Storm Chasing, Stunt Pogoing, Tricking, Tyrolean Traverse, Volcano Boarding


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